WE ALL HAVE LOW MOODS from time to time. For example, if a relationship breaks up, it may be a significant other we have lost, a job or a house. We feel rejected and sad. the sun has gone out of our lives. Every time there is an ending we go through a grieving process and slide into depression. We may feel as if we are in an invisible bubble and no one can reach us.
Remember that depression is an illness which can be treated and you feel better in time. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Family doctors have years of experience in dealing with depression and are trained to diagnose and treat. The British Medical Associationís rule of thumb is that, if your low mood affects all parts of your life; lasts for two weeks or brings you to the point of not caring about anything, then you are depressed and most certainly must seek help .
So much of what we are feeling is a result of our thinking. This tape is an aid toward lifting that low mood. Listen to my tape for half an hour, on a regular basis to change the to a more positive, optimistic frame of mind.Allow a little golden sunlight into the gloom of that low mood. A little optimism to face your day.

My very best wishes come with this CD.