To gain maximum benefit from this CD, it is recommended that
you allow yourself half an hour in a quiet place with no distractions.
Lie or sit comfortably with legs and arms uncrossed.
The importance of breathing properly.

When you breathe diaphramatically, that is, down into the lower part of your lungs, a chemical change takes place .Your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal. It will also help to lower your cholesterol count. This will add years to your life's expectancy .Take a deep breath, pushing out your stomach and rib cage, rather than raising your chest. This is diaphramatic breathing. Once you have mastered the technique of breathing correctly, you will be well on your way to deep relaxation. Practice this breathing as you go about your day. Five deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, then find a rhythm that is comfortable for you, and continue breathing comfortably.
A Word About Stress....
We all need stress to motivate us, to help us live up to our potential and
to achieve. That kind is stress is called EUSTRESS. All too easily in our busy, demanding lives, we find ourselves going beyond the coping level, and our stress level tips into DISTRESS. The key to handling your stress is to know where the line is for you, personally. By learning to relax and quieten your mind on a regular basis (not just when you are aware of feeling stressed), will help you to maintain an energy level and achieve your goals.
Resting your body without at the same time, resting the mind is only doing
half the job! The purpose of guided imagery is to focus the mind on a
peaceful scene, and your body will relax more easily and completely.