Make your mind peaceful.
We all need to relax but for many it is not that easy.
Do you need help to unwind, to let go of that stress and worry?
To let go of those cares, even for half an hour, will give your mind and
body a respite; a chance to recharge so you will be better able to deal with the stress in your life.
It has been proved that the power of the mind is far greater than we
realise. We have within us but perhaps forget, the ability to pull back
from that over-stressed state we sometimes find ourselves in by creating, in
our imagination a quiet place; a place we all need. By doing this we can
All you have to do is listen. What goes on in the mind effects the body.
At first your mind might say, "Oh, I can't do that! I've got to keep
worrying!" But nature is an amazing teacher. Focus on breathing from your
diaphragm (the lower part of your lungs) and just listen to my voice. As
the mind quietens, the body begins to relax; the tightness drifts away.
Even if it's only a small move the body will remember that move so the next
time the mind sends the message, "Relax...." it will be familiar and respond.
Add years to your life by allowing your body to relax.