You would like to lose weight. You have made the decision, and you will now take control! This tape will help and support you. You can lose weight! By listening to this tape you will programme your conscious and subconscious mind. My voice will remind you to think thin; think eating only healthy foods and help you to resist the influence of other people.
Again, be realistic. One of the main reasons for failure in maintaining a new eating regime, is in setting high expectations and then getting discouraged and the whole plan goes out of the window! So, set yourself a reasonable goal, and give yourself a reasonable amount of time. If there are occasions when you slip… forgive yourself, and get back on track.
You will be using the power of your mind to keep your goal of the weight you will achieve in your mind. Remind yourself often, such as “I am losing weight!” Listen to each thought. Let it sink in and replace that self-defeating thought that creeps in when thinking about food. Think positive and the results will be a more positive outlook on life because you will feel better about yourself, more optimistic and you will have more energy.
A reminder: Alcoholic drinks have a surprising amount of calories as do all sweet , fizzy drinks, so when you are checking your daily diet, take what you are drinking into the equation. You probably don’t need to be reminded that drinking lots water is excellent for your general health.