Crystal Hayes is a West Country based Singer Songwriter.
October 2011-This Single "You Only Have One Life" is her first release featuring 2 tracks "I'm Dreaming & "You Only Have One Life"
December 2011- The Album "We're Working It Out" is completed and released with 10 great original songs.
April 2013-New Double Album "Mind Control" .
April 2014-New Double Album "In The Twilight Mist"
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Click on the Titles below to hear samples of the songs and the videos.





   Audio                                                                        Video
     In The Twilight Mist                                                                    In The Twilight Mist                                   
     God Is Here Awake, Awake                                                       God Is Here Awake, Awake
     God's Love Is So True                                                                God's Love Is So True
     Because He Reigns                                                                     From The Technology Possessor
     Happy New Year
     God's Love Is Forever
     Say You'll  Always Be Mine
     From The Technology Possessor
     From The Technology Possessor (Remix)


Men Hold Me Back
Billie Soul
Henry's History Remains
Huff Puff
I Lost the Crew
Mind Control
Money in the Wall
On My Mind
Say You'll Always be Mine
You're the Man


Mind Control
We're Back on Earth
 You're the Man



Hoppy Hop
I'm Dreaming
In A Place Called Brussels
I've Got Candles
Together Forever
We Like To Swing It
We're Back On Earth
We're Working It Out
You Only Have One Life


I'm Dreaming.  
You Only Have One Life